About Us

Aizen Architecture and Trade started in 2018 within the framework of a successful business partnership. Aizen undertakes the architectural support and project completion processes of the business partnership. Its powerful features, which provide solutions at every point from equipment and material procurement processes to project design and design, have transformed Aizen into a successful brand in a short time. Aizen started its successful activities in Senegal and expanded it with strong business partnerships in Central and West Africa. We provide Engineering and Construction in the Fields of HVAC, Electricity, Plumbing, Fire Safety, Fire Detection, Fire Fighting, Smoke Evacuation, Elevators, Electrification, EPC, Solar Energy and Generators.


Aizen designs living spaces, commercial buildings, and industrial areas in Africa and Europe. Utilizing its professional approach and technology to the maximum, Aizen aims to become one of the strongest brands in the industry with its personnel quality and infrastructure. We prioritize quality and desire to present the best in the industry with technical support from Turkey. In this framework, Aizen opens the door to solutions focused on quality and sustainability.