Lighting Design

Lighting design is carried out with the aim of maintaining the human living space in a higher quality area. We adopt both functionality and cost-oriented processes for lighting, which is necessary in order to benefit from the power of light and open the door to a quality approach.   While aiming to realize a design suitable for the space, we also attach importance to concept design and focus on developing solutions suitable for needs.


Lighting Design Process

The design expresses a flawless whole that emerges from the combination of many parts. Based on this understanding, we put our signature on successful results by bringing together valuable pieces from each other. We evaluate the light and lighting needs of the space according to the sunshine performance throughout the year. In this framework, we determine the required amount of light and the need for lighting equipment. As a result of a meticulous evaluation, we prepare a lighting project, taking into account the following details, and transitioning to the implementation phase.

• Flare

• Light Color

• Light Distribution

• Effect of Lighting on Human

• Natural and Artificial Lighting Solutions

• Lighting within the Framework of Legal Responsibilities

•Light pollution

• Flexibility

•Energy efficiency

•Easy setup

•Maintenance and repair


By transforming the lighting design process, which we have evaluated in every aspect, we are on the way to achieving our goals. We achieve successful results within the framework of a quality approach that fully meets the needs.  In this context, we wish to present solutions that create value.


Design Advantages in Lighting

It is essential that lighting is carried out meticulously in order to ensure the required energy efficiency and to support the opening of the door to successful results.  Based on this approach, we attach great importance to project design and application processes in lighting.

We adopt a quality-oriented approach by doing our part in order to realize every stage meticulously. In addition to energy efficiency, we meticulously consider the use of the environment, the effect of space lighting on human psychology, and all other processes.

Moreover, we respond to your quality expectations in the best way possible. Would you like to capture the design quality of lighting while benefiting from our professional point of view? You can leave the process behind with our team that produces solutions at every stage, from project to maintenance and repair processes. Moreover, start taking advantage of the most suitable options for you with our team that also adopts a quality-oriented approach!