Double Glazed Winter Garden
Double Glazed Winter Garden

Double Glazed Winter Garden


Double Glazed Winter Garden systems are the ideal solution for creating new outdoor living spaces such as gardens, balconies and terraces, and heat insulated glasses can be used to reduce the effect of sunlight. In case a hard object falls down on the ceiling, the windows will not break apart and fall down and you will be protected against possible accidents.Its laminated glass provides a safe environment. Winter Garden systems is easy to use all seasons and can be closed by using sliding, guillotine or folding glazing systems according to the needs of living areas. Its easy cleaning feature will bring maximum hygiene and comfort to your space. 

Max. Width

Max. Projection

Glass Type

Pillar Size

Project Size

4000 mm

 4+4 , 5+5, 6+6

100X100 mm